Seagulls in Kansas?????

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I couldn't believe it. If someone know that these are something other than seagulls please let me know.

I know seagulls can fly hundreds of miles. But to Kansas I find that weird. I have seen seagulls hundred of miles at sea when I was aboard ship in the Navy. Seagulls can drink both salt water and fresh water. But still I find it weird that they are in Kansas. They arrived here at my property yesterday March 18, 2008. We did have some rain yesterday but only an 1 1/2 inches, no ocean. LOL

I don't believe they are ET's. I didn't see any flying saucer.

I will check today and see if they are still here.

I found this to be a weird sight, all lined up in a row.

That's one of my fence post in the foreground.

They were beautiful in flight. But notice the black face on this one.